Unmetric Analyze — 10 years in the making

From 2010 till 2020, I hands-on designed every single feature and played an instrumental role in shaping every aspect of Analyze. Over the years, Analyze was used and loved by customers like Coca-Cola, Unilever, GM, Pepsi, Ford, Amex, FedEx.

A quick walkthrough of Analyze

Over the ten years of building Analyze, I worked on over dozen of new features and redesigns. Here are the in-depth case studies of a couple of the latest features:

Some of the Analyze features I worked on over the years

Campaign Analysis (2013)

Campaign analysis
A profile’s campaign analysis
Campaigns view
Campaigns view for a selected industry (Technology)

PPT Reports (2013)

PPT reports slide 1 PPT report slide 2 PPT reports slide 3 PPT report slide 4

Share of Voice (2014)

Share of Voice Share of Voice

Customizable Compare Overview (2015)

Campaign analysis
Compare overview section
Campaigns view
An overlay to customize metrics to compare

Dedicated Reports Section (2015)

Download Reports section
Download reports module
Schedule Reports section
Schedule reports module

Smart Alerts (2017)

Alerts screenshot
Alerts setup overlay
Alerts email screenshot
Alert email

Automated and Manual Content Tagging (2018)

Tagging screenshots
Manual tagging for posts
Tagging screenshots
Create tag and enable auto-tagging

Brand Posts Analysis (2019)

Tagging screenshots
Compare a profile’s content performance using tags
Tagging screenshots
Compare tagged content performance from multiple profiles

Redesigned Date-picker (2019)

See Date-picker case study →

Date-picker screenshot

Redesigned Homepage with Feed and Outliers (2019)

See Homepage redesign case study →

New homepage

Redesigned Navigation (2019)

See Navigation redesign case study →

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