Amrinder Sandhu


Digital designer passionate about making delightful, usable, and simple products that people love.

Currently, I’m the head of design at Unmetric, where I have been working from day 1 and designed all the core products from scratch. While reinforcing design culture, a user-centered design vision, and UX principles, I also built the design system and front-end architecture.

Besides leading design, I collaborated cross-functionally to build and maintain an efficient process for successful user onboarding, effective user research, and outcome-focused product development. In addition, I introduced tools, frameworks, and processes to increase productivity, align teams, and improve communication.

For the past 12 years, I lead design at various early-stage startups working on everything from designing core products, websites, logos, pitch decks, and front-end. My clients include Intel, Zomato, Grasshopper, CIBC, MyEd, ProProfs, and PCL. I got job offers from Google, Groupon, and Intel that I couldn’t accept because of relocation.

In 2007, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m based in Ancaster, Canada, but grew up in a small village (Mishriwala) in Punjab, India.

I love simplicity, nature, rain, mountains, walking, and reading design books.