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For 12 years, I’ve led design at startups to help achieve business outcomes by creating experiences and products that people love.

Currently, I am the Head of Design at Unmetric (acquired by Cision). From day one, I designed all three core products used by customers like Coca-Cola, Unilever, General Motors, and Accenture.

Case Studies

Forget design. Amrinder is the kind of person you want on your product team. Period. His thoughtful approach to designing great user experiences and products, unwillingness to accept intellectually lazy answers, and pursuit of beauty is refreshing and goes a long way towards building amazing products. I’ve personally and closely worked with him on at least three SaaS products and have been pleasantly surprised each time. I’d work with him in a heartbeat — on anything related to design. Heck, even if it wasn’t about design.

Lux Narayan
CEO & Co-Founder,

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Selected Projects


As a design leader, I hired, mentored, and lead a team of five to explore, experiment, and contribute freely to the design process and tools. I also conducted team retrospectives and feedback sessions with other teams. I highly encourage my team to practice user empathy, cross-collaboration, focus on customer needs and business outcomes.

As an individual contributor, I built a dozen of products from ideation to execution. With a user-centered approach, unwavering attention to details, and using data as a design tool, I continuously improved the quality and user experience of products while achieving business outcomes. I also built a design system and front-end architecture, designed websites, newsletters, and pitch decks.

As a team player, I introduced best practices, frameworks, and tools across the company to help improve processes, collaboration, and communication. I collaborated cross-functionally to optimize the conversion funnel, reduce churn and improve user experience. I also contributed to product and content strategy, user research, usability testing, and copywriting.

As a UX designer, I have put myself in customer’s shoes, asked questions to understand their goals and figure out jobs they are trying to perform. I participated in user interviews, shared best practices and books, and wrote interview questions. While practicing user empathy, I continously encouraged our developers to think from user’s perespective as they build products and features.

As a remote employee from day one, I have learned to overcome the biggest hurdles in a distant working relationship: communication and collaboration. I have worked with a dozen of clients on 50+ projects across timezones. Over the years, I have introduced tools and processes to help teams and individuals build an excellent working relationship without feeling isolated.

Amrinder is a valuable asset to any organization. He relentlessly pursues perfection. I’ve worked with Amrinder for almost a decade now and spent countless hours brainstorming, arguing and discussing ideas and concepts that eventually find their way into the products we developed. At Unmetric, we received a lot of accolades for the design and UI/UX and a lot of that credit should go to Amrinder. He is also a capable leader — he built up a great design team at Unmetric. He is always on the lookout for best practices from other startups and catalyzed several process changes that helped us collaborate better and become more productive.

Kumar Krishnasami
Head of Product and
Co-Founder, Unmetric

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Behind the Screen

A few photos of the wireframes, sketches, and mapping exercies I have done over the years.

Portfolio mapping
Mapping for this site’s redesign
Portfolio mapping
Used 3 codes to indicate the status of a task.
Triangle in corner = planned. Filled triangle = WIP. Fold = Done.
ABO feature flow
Flow map for ABO feature
ABO feature flow
Flow map for ABO search
Insights feature
Mapping for the Insights features
Alert feature
Wireframe for Alerts features
Sales pitch notes
Notes from a sales pitch from our CEO. This helped me understand how and what we are selling to customers.
Sports app feed
Wireframes for Sports App feed
Unmetric Pulse
Unmetric Track mobile app onboarding flow
UI Patterns
Deciding colors for the Unmetric Design System
Moleskine: Home to my sketches and scribbles. This is where I go for brainstorming.
Onboarding flow
Unmetric Discover onboarding flow
Calendar view for Topics
Unmetric Discover homepage feed
Homepage early sketch
Outline of Unmetric Analyze navigation changes
DatePicker sketches
Sketches of all three sections of the new Analyze datepicker.