I’m fortunate to do what I love — design. More than that, I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with the most kind, passionate, and talented people.

I always ask for feedback regularly to learn what I lack and improve what I know. Recently, I asked my teammates to share their thoughts about working with me. Here’s what they said:

I’d work with him in a heartbeat…

Lux Narayan
CEO & Co-Founder,

Forget design. Amrinder is the kind of person you want on your product team. Period. His thoughtful approach to designing great user experiences and products, unwillingness to accept intellectually lazy answers, and pursuit of beauty is refreshing and goes a long way towards building amazing products. I’ve personally and closely worked with him on at least three SaaS products and have been pleasantly surprised each time. I’d work with him in a heartbeat — on anything related to design. Heck, even if it wasn’t about design.

Helped us collaborate better and become more productive…

Kumar Krishnasami
Head of Product and
Co-Founder, Unmetric

Amrinder is a valuable asset to any organization. He relentlessly pursues perfection. I’ve worked with Amrinder for almost a decade now and spent countless hours brainstorming, arguing and discussing ideas and concepts that eventually find their way into the products we developed. At Unmetric, we received a lot of accolades for the design and UI/UX and a lot of that credit should go to Amrinder. He is also a capable leader — he built up a great design team at Unmetric. He is always on the lookout for best practices. from other startups and catalyzed several process changes that helped us collaborate better and become more productive.

Meticulous, methodical and creative — all at the same time…

Sikandar Syed
Director – Customer
Success and Ops,

Amrinder is an institution in himself! He’s meticulous, methodical and creative - all at the same time. He’s constantly abreast with the latest developments in not just his field of expertise but also process management in general. Got to learn and imbibe a lot while working with him on multiple projects. He’s not just an asset to the Design team but also a great guy to have in the company because he’s unabatedly thinking about not just improving his team’s performance but also elevating the entire organisation’s performance.

Unrelenting! I am consistently in awe of his energy and enthusiasm…

Karl Fernandes
Senior Product Designer,

Once given a problem, Amrinder is unrelenting! He will read books, talk to stakeholders, conduct research — whatever it takes to get across the best possible solution. His cross-disciplinary approach to problem-solving and his accumulated expertise with design thinking, creative direction, product patterns and mental models make him one of the most effective designers I have worked with. I am consistently in awe of his energy and enthusiasm. If given the opportunity to be on his team again, I would do so in a heartbeat!

Raises everyone’s knowledge and understanding…

Vikram Ravi Ramanathan
Head of Customer Success
& Research, Unmetric

Amrinder was one of the most talented and hardworking employees at Unmetric. Every time we showed our product to a prospect or client, one thing that would constantly be appreciated is our design and that is all thanks to him. He constantly stays updated on everything to do with building great products, shares that with the teams as well and thereby raises everyone’s knowledge and understanding. Beyond design, he was also at the forefront of bringing the latest tools, processes, and frameworks in the company including Slack, OKRs, JTBD and many more.

Puts the user experience first and foremost…

Peter Claridge
Director of Marketing,

I’ve learned so much from working with Amrinder over the last 8 years. He puts the user experience first and foremost, challenging us to all to be better at our jobs. His versatility and desire to be a part of the conversation at every stage of the customer journey from awareness to becoming a client meant that we created an exceptional user experience. When Amrinder’s on your team, championing your users and pushing for a better experience for them, your clients will notice and you’ll reap the benefits of the customer-first approach.

Prior to leading design at Unmetric for a decade, I worked with over a dozen clients on 50+ projects. They were impressed too.

An elegant and user-friendly design solution to a challenging problem. Great job! Amrinder has a healthy mix of design skills and product visualization abilities.

Jimmy John
CEO, Code Eval (acquired by HireVue)

A highly passionate designer with an eye for details. Works hard for absolute perfection. Expect excellence!

Sameer Bhatia
CEO, ProProfs

Gifted, passionate and truly a thinking designer. Serious about good UX and Usability. Carefully understood and implemented the finer details that make the difference between a product being ‘good enough’ and great.

Lakshmanan Narayan
CEO, Eyes & Feet

Amrinder’s knowledge of design is right up there amongst the best. He rivals that with his hard work ethic and a desire to over achieve leaving his client very happy. Humbly doing so, he makes working with him a true pleasure.

Raja Sandhu
Co-Founder of tlkn®