Amrinder Sandhu


I’m a digital product designer who is passionate about designing products people love. I work remotely from Ancaster, Canada and love simplicity, walking, nature, rain, and DIY-ing.

I’ve been leading and contributing to product design, user experience and front-end development for 12 years now. Along with developing and implementing user-centred design vision, principles, strategy, and processes to guide the development of products, I’ve collaborated cross-functionally with product, engineering, marketing, sales and customer support to build and maintain efficient process for user research and product development for delivering smooth and usable UI which has resulted in memorable UX.

Whether I’m designing a small feature, conducting usability testing, building a design system, or writing a LinkedIn recommendation, I always start with thorough research and discovery. I never hesitate to ask questions, challenge conventions, ideas and processes, suggest best practices, tools and frameworks; whether it involves my own team or a CEO of a company.

Apart from the regular design work, I also assist and influence product strategy, user research, website content strategy, and user interface copy (which I believe is also UI). My ultimate goal is to build delightful products that help people get better at their jobs.

More about me

With Dan Mall at the Smashing Conference 2018 in Toronto. It was the first time in 10 years of my design career that I personally met one of the designers I really admire. We also talked about Jason Santa Maria – the other brillant designer who inspired me during early days of my career.

Designing since 2003

In 2003, I designed my first website (about Arnold Schwarzenegger) using Microsoft FrontPage. Before that I used to draw and paint brand logos to perfection. Later, I started playing with Photoshop to satisfy my curiosity and express my creativity. All these small exercises and experiments helped me later when I decided to start designing full-time in 2008.

Engineer turned Designer

I did a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (2003-2007) before starting full-time freelancing in Feb, 2008. One thing that hasn’t changed during this transition from an Engineer to a Designer is his passion for understanding and solving problems. That Engineering side of his also helps him create a balance between making something that is usable and memorable, and aesthetically pleasing and delightful.

Google, Intel, Groupon

Before joining Unmetric full-time in 2014, I have lead design at various early-stage startups. I’ve worked with Intel, Zomato, Grasshopper, CIBC, and Raja Sandhu over the years. Google, Groupon, and Intel offered me jobs which I couldn’t accept because of relocation.

A Unicorn Designer

As I’ve worked as a freelancer during the early years of my career (2008-2014), I got ample opportunities to design more than just apps. I have worked on branding, designed websites and blogs, pitching decks, marketing and product newsletters, brand value posters, social calendars, social media ads, sales collateral, ebooks and video covers, and logos for Unmetric and over a half dozen clients across the world. However, I love designing product experiences and interactions the most.